Graham Chilman - Photographer
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About Graham

I have always had a latent interest in photography, initially experimenting in the 70s…but not really surfacing until the 80s when I purchased an Olympus OM1 with that familiar clunk…a really reliable work horse.

I was always excited by what I could see and capture in the view finder…it created energy and passion… it still does...only more so!

Work of course has always diverted my attention but even so I have managed to spend years out and about grabbing whatever time spots I can whether bush walking in my beloved Flinders Ranges or the high country in Victoria, trekking in Nepal, walking in Tasmania or New Zealand, traveling through Europe or exploring the amazing Fraser Island, Bali or simply the picturesque Adelaide Hills.

I love colour and contrast, shade and light.  I love to explore and seek out nature and human beauty. 

This is my opportunity to share what I see with others.